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Dodo® Custom - Fit Car Mat | Best Malaysia Car Mat for your Vehicle

Dodo® car mats are perfectly customize to fit your vehicle based on the highest quality specifications. We pride ourselves on premium grade dual-layer car mats for keeping your car floor interior waterproof and easy to clean. Dodo® have been in the business of car mats manufacturing and have been constantly upgrading our products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. In balancing between high quality and affordability, Dodo made available a custom-made concept. Customer have the options to mix and match the colors of their chosen mat, from car mat base color, line color and padding to have a personal captivating style. We have developed an innovative car mat using advanced technology that resulted in a product which is more efficient in trapping dirt and dust, save time and effort to maintain compared to traditional car mats. Beyond this end, our company endeavor to help protect the environment by introducing best car mat in Malaysia which is 100% recyclable by using green materials in our production.

Water Resistance Dual Layer
Lock Dirt Design
Grip Base Design
Premium Quality
Super Durable
3 Years
Perfectly Fit
Honeycomb Design Made in Malaysia
Easy Installation
& Maintenance
Odourless Extra Comfortable Additional Padding

Dodo® car mats comes in different packages to suit your vehicle’s need, providing protection to different areas of car flooring.

Dodo® Basic

Dodo® Standard

Dual layer car mats choices for driver and front passenger seat.

Dual layer car mats package for driver, front passenger seat, rear passenger seats (left, right and center).

Dodo® Trunk

Dodo® Combo

Car boot car mat.

Dual layer car mats package for driver, front passenger seat, rear passenger seats (left, right and center) and the car boot.

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How to Clean Dodo Car Mat Easy Way?

How to Clean Dodo Car Mat Easy Way?

Our Dodo dual-layer car mats are easy to clean. No matter with dust, mud, or slush on the mats, just taking several minutes to wash off liners with a water hose or damp towel will keep your car carpet always looking new.
Maintaining the Perfect Car Interior

Maintaining the Perfect Car Interior

Eating fast food inside your car is one of the quickest ways to create clutter. The bags, the cups, the grease and the crumbs create an unpleasant and unhealthy mess. By skipping out on the drive-thru, you can drastically cut down on the amount of trash that enters your car, not to mention the amount of money flying out of your wallet! Even if you abstain from eating in your car, keeping junk out altogether is still a tall order. Stop potential messes by keeping a small trash bag in the car at all times. Simply empty it whenever you stop to get gas.
How to Install Dodo Heel Pad

How to Install Dodo Heel Pad

Follow step by step to install dodo heel pad. 

Can car mats reduce noise?

Can car mats reduce noise?

How do car mats work?

The car mat is one of the many car soundproofing methods that have proven to be very effective. Road noise could come from several parts of the car, but one of the places that it most easily enters through is the car floor. Since the car floors are closer to the wheel and axle, the vibration easily travels into the car floor and is amplified to create a loud noise.