About Dodomat

About us

Dodo Car Mat is one of the innovative car mats in Malaysia, we provide dual-layer car mats that are easy for maintenance and installation, odorless, water-resistant, and more.

History of Dodo

The Dodo (Raphus cucullatus) is an extinct flightless bird that was endemic to the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

Subfossil remains show the dodo was about 1 meter (3 ft. 3 in) tall and may have weighed 10.6–17.5 kg (23–39 lbs.) in the wild. The Dodo's appearance in life is evidenced only by drawings, paintings, and written accounts from the 17th century.

Though the Dodo has historically been considered fat and clumsy, it is now thought to have been well-adapted for its ecosystem. It has been depicted with brownish-grey plumage, yellow feet, a tuft of tail feathers, a grey, naked head, and a black, yellow, and green beak. It is presumed that the Dodo became flightless because of the ready availability of abundant food sources and a relative absence of predators on Mauritius.

The Dodo has been used as an icon to promote the protection of endangered species by environmental organizations In order to commemorate such a bird, we have named our own brand “Dodo”, so that the Dodo although extinct is not forgotten, and to help arouse humankind's protection towards the environment and animals.

Towards this end, our company endeavor to help protect the environment by introducing a new innovative car mat which is 100% recyclable by using green materials in its production

In balancing between high quality and affordability, Dodo also made available a custom-made concept. Consumers have the choice to mix and match the colors of their chosen mat, from car mat base color, line color, padding, etc. to have a personal captivating style.

Dodo car mat is an evolution in car mat. They call it “Dodomania”, in future, we foresee the current generation car mat production techniques are replaced with our Dodo Car Mat evolutionary concept and design.

Our Mission

To develop a new innovative car mat using advanced technology that resulted in a product which is more efficient in trapping dirt and dust, save time and effort to maintain compared to traditional car mats.