Can car mats reduce noise?


How do car mats work?

The car mat is one of the many car soundproofing methods that have proven to be very effective. Road noise could come from several parts of the car, but one of the places that it most easily enters through is the car floor. Since the car floors are closer to the wheel and axle, the vibration easily travels into the car floor and is amplified to create a loud noise.

The car floor could also pick up vibration from your car engine and cause loud noise. By laying down car mats on the cabin floor, at the front and at the back, road noise can be cut down significantly.

There are various soundproofing materials that can be used. So Dodo car mat is the best for your car. These mats are made from EVA(Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) that comes with an anti-slip velcro on the base side so that they stick to the floor of the car, and a EVA material base to absorb sound vibrations, thereby reducing road noise.

Due to the way the mats are designed, they are very easy to install. All you need to do is remove your original floor mats, put Dodo Mat inside, as simple as that.

By measuring the sound decibels before and after the use of car mats, you can determine the level of reduction of noise. There are sound decibel meter apps you can download and use.

So, now you know for sure that car mats reduce road noise, and they do so effectively.