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WapCar: Why every car should have Dodo's first dual-layer custom fit and easy to clean car mats


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Car mats are an essential part of any vehicle’s interior. Besides containing dirt and debris from our shoes, car mats also protect our car’s floor from moisture and odour.

However, your car’s original car mats are made from tightly interwoven fabric that collects dirt very well but is painstaking to clean. Without regular cleaning, moisture and dirt will lead to bacteria build-up and eventually, foul odours within the cabin space.

Thus, the perfect car mat for your car should be durable, safe (providing adequate grip), and easy to clean on a regular basis.

In most cases, owners will look to aftermarket solutions but few, if any, offer durability and practicality, as advertised.

Perhaps even worse are the commonly used PVC coil mats that in addition to being hard to clean, have a tendency to move around and get jammed behind a pedal.

How are Dodo Car Mats different?

Dodo car mats is a first-of-its-kind dual layer car mat system offered in Malaysia. 

As the name suggests, the car mat is made up of 2 different interlocking layers that effectively trap dirt within specially designed honeycomb pockets, whilst preserving a clean and presentable upper surface. 

Dodo mat's dual-layer structure allows spilled liquids to accumulate below, leaving the upper surface clean and dry

Thanks to their unique honeycomb layer, Dodo car mats are especially effective at containing dirt and spilled liquid thus preventing it from being spread across the carpet.

Once separated, collected dirt, debris or liquid can simply be shaken loose leaving behind a good as new carpet. 

Dodo's dual layer design also allows for the carpets to be easily removed from the car without dirt dropping on the floor. 

A testament to the quality of Dodo car mats is seen in the company acquiring the SIRIM QAS International accreditation for quality. 

Creative and functional design

Designed and manufactured right here in Malaysia, the genius of Dodo car mats lie in their design.

Starting with a solid base, Dodo mats feature a premium, hard-wearing anti-slip base material, replete with safety hooks, that perfectly grip your car's floor for better safety.

In creating an upper and lower mat layer, Dodo mats offer a safe aftermarket alternative (because the upper layer is free from dirt) which is also easy to clean.

Every Dodo mat system is perfectly cut using a proprietary process, to suit its intended vehicle, thus, you can be assured that there is no intrusion to vehicle pedals or interior panels.

The perfect fit of Dodo car mats further ensures that dirt doesn't accumulate in corners, which is typical of original car mats. 

Dodo car mats are also constantly improved for better fit and quality, one instance is the use of aluminium sheets behind the centre mat to ensure it perfectly matches the transmission tunnel of the vehicle. 

A proven track record of quality and innovation

Within just 2 years of establishment, Dodo car mats also received an Asia Automotive Award for their achievements in the automotive parts and accessories category.

This, and over 5,000 satisfied customers, both local and overseas, over the last 5 years are further bear proof of the lasting quality and value of Dodo car mats. 

Wide range at competitive prices

Dodo car mats are designed for an ever-growing model list of sedans, SUVs, MPVs and hatchback models, even recently launched models such as the Perodua Alza, Honda HR-V and Toyota Corolla Cross.

Additionally, all Dodo mat packages come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty as well as a 10-day one-to-one exchange if the mat system does not fit your car perfectly. 

Dodo mat will be offering special discounts on Dodo mat packages in conjunction with the upcoming Malaysia Day celebrations. 

For further information, visit the Dodo mat website or check out their socials on Instagram and Facebook for the latest information and deals.